Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A quick visit to Strasbourg

After a weekend skiing in the alps again and getting a little tan and then a week of being sick and studying international finance my birthday trip would finally begin. I had 11 days off of school and I intended to travel every minute I had. 

I first made my way north in France to Strasbourg where I would meet Jamie and Ken. The two of them spent a week in Italy traveling to Rome and Venice. When I arrived my two friends were waiting for me with a sign with my name on it. After such a long time it was great to see them both. We went back to Jamie's apartment which was very similar to a college dorm to drop off my luggage. I then saw the horror that ken brought along that he called a weeks worth of clothing. Jamie concluded that you could easily fit a person inside of his suitcase. Needless to say it took up a majority of the floor in her room. 

We then decided to head out for dinner. Jamie took us to a pizza place where her school had brought the international students on her first few days there. We had a great time and the food was fantastic. We talked a lot about their trip to Italy and it was really fun to hear about all of their adventures. 

When we got back to Jamie's place we set up our beds for the night. Ken and I shared the floor after moving his giant suitcase so we would have space. It was definitely not a good nights sleep. I was cold and uncomfortable but it was only for one night and it was free! So I didn't mind too much. Also Ken gave me his blanket when he realized how cold I was. I think that says a lot about him! 

The next morning we woke up easily because we didn't want to be on the floor any longer. We all took showers and got ready to hit the town. Jamie showed us the city center and little France, which was beautiful. We then had a wonderful sushi lunch. 

Jamie took us to the famous cathedral in Strasbourg and on our way there we saw a mini carnival going on. We decided to stop and grab some crêpes and hot wine and enjoy the warm weather. The cathedrale was beautiful. Jamie and I walked around inside while ken decided he wanted to climb to the top. Jamie had already gone before and I had done it in Bordeaux so I thought it might be similar. Neither of us really had any desire to do it. Somehow ken managed to go all the way up and come back down in 20 minutes. Jamie and I are convinced he never actually made it to the top. 
Afterwards we took a look at the European Parliament building and walked around it a little before heading back to Jamie's place to get our luggage. Next stop, Munich! 

Au revoir! 

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